Why Time Management is important.

Why Time Management is important. In our long days chalking down hours at the office, time can just fly by leaving us feeling exhausted from our work while feeling like we haven’t actually completed anything. When the work load really comes heavy, you can’t just expect to start it and finish it in one sitting, you will need to think up and implement some time management techniques to get you through the difficult tasks while also saving times for other things that also matter. Time is a resource, but it is a limited resource. You only live once and you CANNOT buy time back, not with any amount of money can you bring back the past.. Your most important resource should be treated with care and

Do Introverted People Make Good Leaders?

Do Introverted People Make Good Leaders? Recent studies have shown that the majority of people in management or leadership roles have extroverted traits or qualities, this probably won’t come as a shock to you, but does that mean that introverts should be completely ruled out for suitable managerial positions? I think not. There are many qualities that an introvert has that can be extremely beneficial and they can grasp other ideas that loud and proud extroverts might not perceive. Although the majority of leaders in their fields are extroverted, some of the true greats have really been introverted people. Bill gates, the most successful entrepreneur of all time, he is an introvert and likes

Squashing ANTs

Often times in our daily lives, we find ourselves plagued with negative thoughts. "So and so doesn't like me", "I'm not good enough"... these thoughts become the mantras we repeat in our heads day after day. The automatic thinking of these negative thoughts are called ANTs. According to Daniel G. Amen, M.D., award-winning physician and psychiatrist, there are seven types of Automatic Negative Thinking: Always or Never Thinking, Focusing on the Negative, Fortune Telling, Mind Reading, Thinking with your Feelings, Guilt Beatings, Labeling, Personalization, and Blame. A few of these - Focusing on the Negative, Fortune Telling, Mind Reading, and the worst one, Blame - are labeled as 'Red ANTs' b

How to motivate and inspire yourself and others.

It comes without doubt that a good leader should be able to motivate the people that work for them. If you want to be a successful team leader, you need to make your employees not only work for you, but want to work for you. You need to convey your message and turn your passion into their passion. This remarkable quality is what makes an ordinary man into a great leader. Confidence and the ability to inspire is what will draw people to you and what will make you an attractive and trusted employer. You can call it charisma or simply – the ability to motivate and inspire yourself and the others around you. To motivate your people, be a visionary – share your idea and spread your passion, make

Why is change so hard?

Change is difficult for all of us. Whether it's moving to a new city or simply trying a new dish at your favorite restaurant - these inevitable shifts in our day-to-day lives take some getting used to. We get used to going through our daily routines - morning coffee, gym, off to work. The moment the coffee turns to tea, we panic. But what is it that makes us so hesitant to embrace change? It's obvious. The reason we are all reluctant to change is because it's uncomfortable and, quite frankly, inconvenient. Though a change might be necessary of beneficial to our lives, we resist them because we are drawn to sameness. We find ourselves thinking, “Why change what already seems to be working?” T

Are Leaders made or born?

Some of us live our lives under those in charge, others seem destined to command armies or rule the masses. This brings us to the question, what is it exactly that makes a leader, a leader? Is it purely genetic, or is it a skill that takes time and experience to perfect? Many argue that the ability to lead comes solely from genetics - that the qualities it takes to lead can only stem from naturally-bred intelligence and interpersonal skills. Take, for example, research published by Leadership Quarterly. In said research, they have discovered a DNA sequence that could be linked to leadership abilities in individuals. “We have identified a genotype, called rs4950, which appears to be associat

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