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January 11, 2015


3 Ways to Become an Effective Leader


One of the most valuable assets on the planet that a person can possess is having the know how to become an effective leader. Without having this quality, there is nothing that a person can do that will help an organization b...

January 5, 2015

Anyone can sell a dollar for ninety-nine cents!


Its unbelievable how many times, I use this statement with company owners. They don’t realize it, but they’re selling items at cost or below cost. Many don’t take into account their cost of doing business. One of the...

January 5, 2015

7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

By Harvey Deutschendorf

People with high emotional intelligence tend to do better at work. So what habits do they have that set them apart?

January 4, 2015


Never confuse efforts for results!


In my book “The Prosperous Leader” I mention 10 great quotes I learned from my father. In this post, I will discuss the first one “never confuse efforts for results”.


In my own work with Entrepreneurs and SMB’s, one of the...

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July 8, 2019

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