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How to Build Resilience in Your Business and Yourself

re·sil·ience // riˈzilyəns/

the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens [merriam webster] [image source]

Throughout this podcast, Seligman speaks about the most recent adaptation of the Resiliency Program for the US Army and the amazing results that have been achieved there. He mentions the importance of learning what post-traumatic growth is, and explains how this idea can alter the reactions of individuals who find themselves in life-altering situations. As the “Father of Positive Psychology”, his work with the Penn Resiliency Program is aimed at helping these individuals suffering traumatic events find the strength to look beyond their tough times. The ideas help people realize that depression and anxiety are normal to some extent, and what you are able to alter is how you react following that depression and anxiety.

For more information on the Penn Resiliency Program, visit their website.

Chapter 21 in The Prosperous Leader shows how Seligman’s ideas especially about resilience are applied to the business world to create a positive work environment and life. CLICK HERE to order your copy today.

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