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Viktor E. Frankl Helps Us Understand the Meaning of Life

"The meaning of your life is to help others find the meaning of theirs."

-Viktor E. Frankl, 1905-1997

“Viktor Emil Frankl, MD, PhD was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor. His best-selling book chronicles his experiences as a concentration camp inmate which led him to discover the importance of finding meaning in all forms of existence, even the most sordid ones, and thus a reason to continue living,” -Harold S. Kushner

I mention Viktor E. Frankl and his teachings throughout The Prosperous Leader. His descriptions of purpose, meaning and possibility inspire many today, including myself. You can find great collection of his best quotes and writings in THIS POST on the Positive Thinkers Journal blog. I hope you are as inspired by his teachings as I continuously am.

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