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Why You Need a Leadership Development Program

Accidental vs Purposeful:

Many of us become expert leaders over our careers quite by accident – we luckily survive and learn from our unplanned mistakes; a mentor fortunately takes us under their wing; and/or we fortuitously stumble into growth opportunities. This wandering journey of happenstance is unacceptable in today’s hyper-competitive world. You need a strategic plan which provides more predictability! And a Leadership Development Program will provide that strategic predictability.

Pick-Up Game vs World-Class Team:

Imagine your organization for a moment as a sports team. Will it perform better as a group of individuals that came together for a pick-up game. Or will it perform better as an orchestrated team under regular world-class instruction and coaching? A Leadership Development Program will provide that world-class instruction and coaching.

Disparate vs Focused:

Many organizations invest in “events” they hope will provide a lasting measure of leadership development value. These disparate events likely will not build upon one another and/or will likely not deliver lasting value to the organization’s strategic vision. A focused, unified, coordinated Leadership Development Program will provide direct value to your organization’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Now vs Later:

There is a trick to measuring Return on Investment (ROI) known as the “Rule of 72.” Using this rule with a given growth rate, you can identify how many years an investment will take to double in size. For example, if your team is 50% as proficient as you want today and you improve their proficiency by just 10% each year, then their proficiency will double to nearly 100% in just over seven (7) years. Thus, every year you wait to start, is much more than a year you will fall short of your developmental objectives. So, you need to start designing, implementing, and managing your Leadership Development Program today!

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