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What's your motto?

July 19, 2019



INTJ: I told you, and, as always, I was right.


INTP: Too genius to clean my room.


INFP: My precious little inner world is too fragile for… everyone.


INFJ: I live for my cause, I would die for my cause, and I’ll kill for my cause, if needed.


ENFP: If I met Jesus and Satan in a bar, the three of us would be best buddies after a few drinks.


ENTJ: Keep up with me, or die trying, or die for not trying.


ENFJ: I follow my heart; you all will follow my heart, too.


ENTP: Smash my arguments or GTFO.


ESTJ: My intelligence doesn’t make me right - my status does.


ISTJ: Maintain the working system, never change it.


ESFJ: Here is what you should feel; if you don’t, something must be wrong with you.


ISFJ: Well, someone has to wash the dishes, and somehow, it’s always me.


ESFP: A good joke is the answer to everything!


ISFP: Anything can be an art; if it’s an art, I’m into it!


ESTP: If you’re not reckless enough, you’re a sissy.


ISTP: Book smarts are worth nothing if your fingers are all thumbs.


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