Mentoring the Next Generation

Mentoring the Next Generation Many successful people credit more than one mentors who have made real difference in helping them take their business to early success. At some point we all have received advises that has helped us in one or the other ways. Are you mentoring someone? If not, why? Shouldn’t it be part of your legacy? Mentor may not be necessarily someone in his 50s or 60s. All you need is an experience in any specific skills. If you are a parent, you have influence over your child’s young mind. They are constantly learning from you, by observing you. They see you making decisions related to domestic matters and observe how you react to different things. Today’s children are tomor

Experiencing Major Shift in Your Life? - It may be the Time You Reinvent Yourself

Experiencing Major Shift in Your Life? - It may be the Time You Reinvent Yourself. Regardless of whether you like it or not, we all have to face time when life takes major shift. It could be losing your job or a relationship or anything for that matter. When that happens, you have to take control of who you will become. Many people out of job often wonder if at all they will be able to find another job. They think they were so good in their job, why something so awful like this has to happen to them. It’s a time of distress. Many, who don’t receive any response after sending their resumes to hundreds of companies, wonder if they were really good or will they ever be employed again? When life

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