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Jacob M. Engel, Author and CEO has always been helping people and organizations succeed and prosper. A quick learner and curious and compassionate by nature, he kept finding new, more efficient ways to assist both individuals and organizations not just reach their goals, but greatly surpass them.


Jacob Engel

As a son of a Holocaust survivor and a self-made man, Jacob quickly learned the value of hard work, and much more. In 1976, as soon as he finished school, he started working in the family business. The business was growing quickly, so he had to learn and adapt just as fast. In 1994, he became the COO, and that meant he had to learn more about being on the business and good business leadership.

In order to do that, Jacob read a lot and attended multiple trainings and courses. Some of the books that had a great impact on him were, "Please Understand Me" by Dr. David Kiersey, an excellent book about understanding your own management and leadership type and understanding others. After that, all the many books by Dr. Stephen Covey, and his courses, as well. 

Jacob became a Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Certified Myers-Briggs Types Evaluator, Certified 7 Habits Facilitator, and has also been trained by Roy Cammarano in his methods.

Passionate about helping others, Jacob had the opportunity to exit from the family business and immediately started numerous projects, all designed to assist people succeed. Since then, he has given multiple seminars, worked with many companies in training their managers and leaders, consulted for organizations big and small, and wrote his just published book The Prosperous Leader.

prosperous leader book

Jacob’s recently published book  "The Prosperous Leader", is a book that articulates ideas he has personally researched and tested, ideas that can help anyone from a new entrepreneur, to a growing business, or a family enterprise. He has worked with companies and organizations that employed as many as a few to as many as hundred’s.

Jacob will gladly do a free 30-minute consulting session with you so you can discuss your goals with him, and so he can see how his team can help you achieve them.

For a free consultation, please don't hesitate to call Jacob Engel's direct number at 845.357.5003, or
via email:

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