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When it comes to starting up a new company, let TPL Startup Consulting fill your management consulting needs. Scroll down to look at some of the aspects of business startups that we specialize in.


"I have found that many business consultants and coaches have never run a company. They don’t understand the challenges founders and entrepreneurs face in scaling up their business. My background is having been the COO a large family business with high growth, I’ve challenged myself continuously to learn how to take our business from one level to the next. I had tried and tested the tools and theories I talk about and I will actually help implement whatever we agree to. Very few do what I do and those that do charge much more than I do." 

- Jacob Engel 


1. A business startup consultant will provide you with unbiased feedback. Receiving honest and unbiased feedback can be immensely beneficial to startups, making a startup consultant role with your business imperative. The startup consultant will give you an external outlook to your business practices and will contribute greatly to your core startup model. They will help you with the details of execution, business organization and anything else that could be critical in your business's success.


2. A startup consultant is there to provide you with helpful advice from start to finish. They will be there for your business from the initial vision through each phase of the startup. Startup consultants have expertise and already have experience in succeeding in startup businesses; they will compliment a lesser experienced manager/CEO-to-be in order to drive the success of their business idea.


3. Strategic planning is one of the most important services a startup consultant can provide you with. Strategizing is absolutely crucial for startup businesses. Partnering with an experienced startup consultant will allow the best possible planning of the critical steps needed for success. Many startups skip this phase and often don't even have defined objectives, creating a loss of focus and handicapping the startup. It is vital that this phase is not missed and a startup consultant will work with you to set your goals and create a defined plan for success.


4. A startup consultant will do the grunt work of meticulous research of the market in which you plan to grow your business. This includes data on your customers' needs and wants, your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, and trends within your industry. This should be a continuous process, which startup consultants are keenly aware of; they are there to keep track of changes and developments as well as trends so you can stay ahead of the curve and continue your success. 


A business without a plan is just an idea. We can help you to create and actualize a small business plan. We also can help you to see the pros and cons of various business structures. Daily planning and internal productivity assessment are vital parts of taking a business from paper to reality. 



How do you prepare a mission statement? How do you make sure that all of your employees understand the mission statement so as to reach company goals? Let us help.


Various business structures have both legal and accounting implications. We can help you to determine which structure is best for your new enterprise. 




Your business ideas are the lifeblood of your company. Let us help you to protect those ideas during the critical early stages.


What do you need to provide for your employees? Let us help you to consider compensation in the forms of salary, vacation time, sick leave, pensions, and other employee benefits. Knowing when and how to offer such benefits to your employees is half the battle.


TPL Startup Consultants can provide you with the business consulting team that you need to take your big idea and turn it into a fully functional business. Let our business analysts and consultants help your venture to be a success. 


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