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"I worked together with Jacob Engel for several years, dealing with issues relating to generational succession in family businesses. I watched him set goals and negotiate outcomes in his own family business, in which he was the third generation leader. I worked with him, also for several years, in a business where we were both consultants to a family business, which went through a difficult generational succession. You could find no one better. Mr. Engel is smart, creative, very hard-working and thorough. He researched the issues and came up with innovative financial strategies.  He was sensitive to the needs and feelings of the principals in these businesses. They appreciated his consulting abilities, and attributed much of their success in achieving their goals to his work. Any business that engages him for guidance in moving forward would benefit from his skills and experience. I wholeheartedly endorse him, especially when the business is undergoing change or development."




Alan H. Lovins, Ph.D Owner, The Lovins Group

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"Let me tell you why Jacob’s training is different than any other training you’ve ever attended. You will walk out of a session with real skills and tools that you can put to effective use immediately, rather than vague and theoretical concepts that are impractical at best! Books upon books have been written on effective time management, successful selling, how to retain customers and staff, etc. and in many cases each book recommends different, and sometimes even contradictory approaches. How does one choose which approach really works and produces results?


The answer is Jacob Engel, founder of Yeda LLC. He has spent years researching various approaches, understanding the science behind the successful ones, and testing the various methodologies in real working environments until he was satisfied with proven results. Jacob then created a cohesive curriculum - the classes complement each other and build on each other. Bottom line: rest assured that the training you take at Yeda is the best of the best.


Another major differentiator is that all of Jacob’s Instructors are top in their field. They are experienced, successful, and bring a wealth of practical knowledge that enhances the training. That value really demonstrates itself when you see Instructors providing solutions to real-life scenarios posed by attendees.


Throw out any preconceptions that personality type or the character traits you’re born with determine success. Rather, if you want to achieve – and maintain – success (and I might add in your personal life as well), then take just one class at Yeda and see for yourself what a fundamental change and impact it will have on you."



Aron T, Entrepreneur

"My company sells educational software to parents. Although it is world famous, it is expensive and new in our community. We thought that it would be very simple to sell it because we have the exclusive marketing rights on the product and so many people need it. However, it is never that simple. People give thousands of excuses for not buying something and it was just not selling properly.  I turned to Jacob Engel and the Sandler Training course for training. 



The course was highly informative and also a lot of fun! I took all my sales staff there and however much we thought we knew before about sales, we realized we knew nothing! It is highly effective, easily adaptable to any business model and product, and I highly recommend it."





Doniel Kester, Fast ForWord Learning International LLC

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"Mr. Engel assisted our non- profit organization during an expansion of services and departments. He led us through the steps of developing policies and plans while demonstrating good communication and management techniques. Mr. Engel is very knowledgeable in this industry and has the ability to offer specialized guidance relevant to the culture of the organization. As a professional he offers keen insights discreetly and with warmth and respect.



He has coordinated and delivered excellent management and leadership workshops catering to the executive and business needs of the Orthodox Jewish community."




D.Y., Executive Coordinator

"I loved your Manuscript. As you know, I have a significant background in working with small and middle market companies (mostly family owned) in both distress and in growth stages. A recurring theme is that they are unsophisticated and their greatest need is to learn how to become better business leaders. Your book accomplishes that need. You bring it all together through the wisdom of other business icons and then weave your own sage business philosophies into a wonderful compendium of tried and tested business principles."





Brett D. Fadeley, CEO and Chairman, Breca Capital, LLC

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