Morgan James Publishing Releases Tips for Successful Leaders

MEDIA CONTACT: **FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** Rick Frishman, Publisher Morgan James Publishing 516.620.2528 Ext.101 Morgan James Publishing Releases Tips for Successful Leaders NEW YORK—Jan. 25, 2015--Morgan James Publishing’s ( new release The Prosperous Leader: How Smart People Achieve Success by Jacob M. Engel with Jeffrey A. Krames offers business owners with clever insight and useful solutions for effective leadership. Jacob Engel’s inspiration for The Prosperous Leader was his father, Barry Engel, who survived the Holocaust and moved from Hungary to America, where he founded his own business. Barry’s experiences taught him many lessons abo

3 Ways to Become an Effective Leader

3 Ways to Become an Effective Leader One of the most valuable assets on the planet that a person can possess is having the know how to become an effective leader. Without having this quality, there is nothing that a person can do that will help an organization be successful. But, if you have a strong grasp on the proper way to be an effective leader, there is little that you won’t be able to overcome. So, how do you become an effective leader? What is the secret behind the success of other powerful leaders? The five things that are discussed below are just a few of the things that effective leaders have been able to master. In order to become the effective leader that will help you reach the

Anyone can sell a dollar for ninety-nine cents!

Anyone can sell a dollar for ninety-nine cents! Its unbelievable how many times, I use this statement with company owners. They don’t realize it, but they’re selling items at cost or below cost. Many don’t take into account their cost of doing business. One of the greatest mistakes is to operate the business without having up to date financial records (P&L and Balance sheets) so that you can look at your costs and bottom line profits. You don’t need to be a genius to sell at a loss anyone can do it! I once saw a great quote that read “doing business without profit is like eating soup with a fork, you make a lot of motions but nothing gets to the mouth”.

7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People By Harvey Deutschendorf People with high emotional intelligence tend to do better at work. So what habits do they have that set them apart?

Never confuse efforts for results!

Never confuse efforts for results! In my book “The Prosperous Leader” I mention 10 great quotes I learned from my father. In this post, I will discuss the first one “never confuse efforts for results”. In my own work with Entrepreneurs and SMB’s, one of the biggest challenges in reaching success is the tendency to either “blame” others for their failures or to find “excuses” why things didn’t work out. Covey calls this, outside in vs. inside out. Meaning people tend to excuse their own shortcomings and failures because someone else is to blame. Their thinking goes like this: I can change and achieve my goals or success if “someone else” (fill in the name) would change first. i.e. If my boss

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