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Morgan James Publishing Releases Tips for Successful Leaders



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Morgan James Publishing

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Morgan James Publishing Releases Tips for Successful Leaders

NEW YORK—Jan. 25, 2015--Morgan James Publishing’s ( new release The Prosperous Leader: How Smart People Achieve Success by Jacob M. Engel with Jeffrey A. Krames offers business owners with clever insight and useful solutions for effective leadership.

Jacob Engel’s inspiration for The Prosperous Leader was his father, Barry Engel, who survived the Holocaust and moved from Hungary to America, where he founded his own business. Barry’s experiences taught him many lessons about leadership and running a business, and he passed these on to his son. Jacob joined the family business after he graduated high school and learned what he could from his father, as well as from personal experience and other leadership experts. Now a successful leadership coach and consultant, Jacob compiled his expertise into The Prosperous Leader, a useful resource for leaders everywhere. He has helped many small and large organizations succeed and prosper.

Jacob divides The Prosperous Leader into several sections. Much of The Prosperous Leader is introspective and encourages readers to analyze their personality types and find their strengths and weaknesses. Jacob emphasizes that by knowing themselves, leaders will find it easier to understand others and to guide them in a meaningful direction. Each chapter contains useful tips that readers can easily incorporate in their leadership strategy.

A certified Positive Psychology Coach, Myers Briggs Type evaluator and a 7 Habits facilitator, Jacob spends much of the first chapter explaining the Myers Briggs test and how different personalities interact with leadership. Throughout The Prosperous Leader, he also mentions some of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and demonstrates how they relate to leaders as well.

Through personal examples, charts, illustrations, fictional scenarios, and reader-focused language, The Prosperous Leader easily grips readers’ attentions. Jacob establishes a connection with his readers, and they can relate with what we writes. Not only is The Prosperous Leader applicable and helpful for becoming a better leader, but it is also entertaining and very easy to read. No matter what leadership situation readers are in, everyone can learn from The Prosperous Leader.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Jacob M. Engel, please call Rick Frishman at 516.620.2528 Ext.101 or contact Jacob directly at 845.357.5003 or via email (

About the Author:

In 1976, Jacob M. Engel graduated school and began to work for his family’s quickly expanding business. He became the COO in 1994 and needed to learn how to lead people well. After reading many books on leadership and attending seminars, Engel put his new knowledge into practice. He retired early from the company and has been working since then to help others become better leaders in their businesses. He founded Yeda, his own training and seminar institute, and works with other experts authors to offer consulting and training for business leaders. He currently lives with his wife and family in Monsey, New York.

More About This Title:

The Prosperous Leader: How Smart People Achieve Success by Jacob M. Engel with Jeffrey A. Krames will be released by Morgan James Publishing on February 10, 2015. The Prosperous Leader—ISBN 978-1630472757—has 190 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $17.95 and hardcover for $37.95.

About Morgan James Publishing:

Morgan James Publishing provides entrepreneurs with the vital information, inspiration, and guidance they need to be successful. Morgan James Publishing, The Entrepreneurial Publisher™, was recognized by Publisher’s Weekly, for two consecutive years, on their fast growing press list and was reported as being the future of publishing by Jay Conrad Levinson.

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