WHAT IS MINDSET? IS IT GOOD OR BAD? IT REALLY DEPENDS... As we go through life, we experience many, many things: both positive and negative -- that help us to shape who we are, what we believe and how we respond to the things life throws at us. If we have a negative mindset, we will more often than not blow things out of realistic proportions with the inability to see them for what they are. With a negative mindset, we also only have the ability to see how one problem leads to another and then another, rather than being able to find a solution to the situation as it presents itself. Also, people who are on the negative side of things have a much greater difficulty of being able to see the op

12 Secrets to Serving Incredible Clients

12 Secrets to Serving Incredible Clients 1. Look for clients who inspire you, not clients who you can inspire 2. Set the bar high for who you work with. Don’t lower it. Ever. 3. Keep raising it. 4. Set high fees. 5. Keep raising them. 6. It's lonely at the top. Create a safe space for top performers people to share with you things they have never told another living soul. 7. Go high flame. Top performers crave this. 8. Donate a percentage of your fees to charity. 9. Meet, fun, interesting and extraordinary people (this has been my only business plan for ten years) 10. Build trust, take risks, make bold proposals, lead (powerfully), hide nothing and hold nothing back. 11. Set "Impossible Goal


HOW TO MASTER THE OPPOSING SIDES OF YOUR BRAIN PEOPLE ARE OFTEN PROMOTED FOR THEIR ANALYTIC ABILITY, BUT THEY MAY LACK THE PEOPLE SKILLS NEEDED TO BE A GOOD MANAGER. BY VIVIAN GIANG Do you have a business-focused brain or an empathetic one? In other words, do you typically work with a task-oriented focus, meaning you’re comfortable solving problems, focusing attention, making decisions, and controlling your actions? Or are you more relationship-oriented, meaning you’re comfortable connecting with others and making ethical decisions, and have a good handle on self-awareness? Whichever one is your default mode of thinking, researchers find that the other is likely suppressed since the two are

3 Critical fears every entrepreneur must overcome

STRIKING OUT ON YOUR OWN IS A HUGE RISK. IN ORDER TO SUCCEED YOU HAVE TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THESE THREE TYPES OF FEAR. Starting a business requires a mastery of skills: In addition to technical knowledge and familiarity with your industry, there is also a strong mental component. We’ll never know how many businesses never get started because the would-be founder lost his or her nerve at the last minute. Perhaps even more tragically, certain seriously flawed businesses exist because the founder was unable to get beyond a certain fear or block. The following are three of the biggest fears that you must face and overcome if you ever want to be a successful entrepreneur. FEAR OF FAILURE This is c

The Prosperous Leader Mindset Self-assessment

The Prosperous Leader Mindset Self-assessment Instructions: Using this scale, please identify how frequently you engage in each of the Prosperous Leader mindset behaviors listed below. 5 = 90-100% of the time 4 = 80-89% of the time 3 = 70-79% of the time 2 = 60-69% of the time 1 = less than 60% of the time 1. I view myself as an effective leader. 2. I focus relentlessly on the positive of every situation. 3. I view setbacks or difficulties as learning opportunities rather than as problems. 4. I bounce back quickly from setbacks. 5. I approach people and situations with an open mind, without pre-judgment. 6. I view the world optimistically and realistically. 7. I believe that I get to choose


WHAT IS RESILIENCE AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Success is not measured by how many times you get knocked down; it is measured by whether or not you choose to get up. Your life is like a book, but it's non-fiction, rather than a fairy tale. Some chapters contain tales of great success and happiness, and some feature failure and sadness. When you experience the inevitable challenging times in life, how do you react? Do you wallow in self-pity and let the experience cripple you, or do you take the challenge head on and remain positive and bounce right back? You can choose. Many of the unpleasant events that happen to us in life are things we bring onto ourselves. Others, like being struck by light

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