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The Prosperous Leader, How Smart People Achieve Success. Jacob M. Engel with Jeffrey A. Krames, author of Jack Welch and the 4 E's of Leadership and Inside Drucker's Brain


Available at your favorite bookstore or online at:

The Best Business Book You’ll Ever Read.

Foreword by Roy Cammarano, author of Entrepreneurial Transitions: From Entrepreneurial Genius to Visionary Leadership.

The Best Business Book You’ll Ever Read.

In this book, Jacob describes the journey of many individuals and organizations that have made the decision to Create Prosperity. He explains how they have learned to understand their own strengths and abilities and how to help others do the same. These individuals have developed their character ethics, took seminars, and read books in order to further their education. They looked honestly at their “skills” and the market to determine what needs to be re-learned and what needs to be learned for the first time. They invested in true and open relationships over time. They endured with patience, as even overnight success is never overnight.

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