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The 10 Commandments of Family Business Succession Mini Course

  • Introduction to Family Business Succession

  • Is There a Difference Between Family Business and Regular Business?

  • The Right Way to Plan and Implement Your Business' Eventual Succession

We are The Prosperous Leader Business Consultants

How we can help you and your business.

Bringing Your Business to the Next Level.

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how to acheive success - The Prosperous Leader by Jacob Engel

The Best Business Book You’ll Ever Read.

In this book, Jacob Engel describes the journey of many individuals and organizations that have made the decision to Create Prosperity.

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"First , we want to let you know we are both extremely impressed with your program and the coaching you provide.  Your program was tremendously helpful and life changing and has given us a clear direction on how to work towards growing the company. The past couple of months was a big challenge for all of us. We were truly impressed with how you helped guide us through such a drastic and unprecedented time for business.   Yosef feels he is in a very good place and we both look forward to continue to work with you to grow the company to a new level."


-Yosef & Michelle

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What can a business consultant do for my business?

Business consultants help you take your business to the next level. You want to find someone who has the expertise either by having been there and done it themselves or worked for a consulting firm that does this.

"I am very passionate about helping business owners build their business to the next level. I love the challenge and love having a positive impact on the business, employees and leadership."

Jacob M Engel

Organization Consultant, CEO of Yeda LLC, Author


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