What soft skills did 750 managers say are the most important in hiring?

Nationwide survey from Instructure reveals the career readiness of new entrants to the workforce SALT LAKE CITY (March 19, 2015) – Instructure, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company and creator of the Bridge learning and engagement platform, today released new survey data revealing what managers look for when hiring entry-level employees. The results show that managers place a higher importance on soft skills like attitude and work ethic than hard trade skills when considering new candidates for entry-level positions. The survey polled approximately 750 managers at U.S. companies in various industries. It measured which factors managers take into highest consideration when hiring, which att

Can you teach character?

ONE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION IS HELPING TO SHAPE FUTURE LEADERS BY WORKING WITH SCHOOLS TO BUILD CHARACTER, AND IS ACHIEVING SOME SURPRISING RESULTS. When kids are sent off to school, they’re expected to learn reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and a host of other subjects by the time they graduate from high school. In addition, one Washington, D.C.-based organization is trying to develop future leaders by helping schools adopt another component to their curricula—character. Character.org, formerly the Character Education Project, is a nonprofit organization devoted to character education, which it defines as "supporting the social, emotional and ethical development of stude

4 Things Every Leader Needs to Know About Emotional Intelligence

4 Things Every Leader Needs to Know About Emotional Intelligence Most people think that success in business is directly related to one’s intelligence, and in many ways most people are right. The real question become, what exactly what type of intelligence are we talking about? In fact several studies seem to indicate that those with average intelligence will nearly always outperform those with high IQ’s – as much as 70% of the time. That shouldn’t be, but it is. And the reasons why may surprise you. It’s long been known that A students will almost always end up working for B or C students. The reasons for this phenomena are many, not least of which is the fact that we may be thinking about i

Does Your Management Style Enable Organizational Health?

Insight: Leaders who exhibit a visionary style of management exponentially increase the likelihood of organizational health. One way to think about management styles is as a continuum that ranges from totally hands-on to completely hands-off. Experience shows that many entrepreneurs and small business owners fall on, or lean toward, one extreme or the other. Unfortunately, both extremes are bad for your personal and organizational health. A healthy organization is one that is likely to be successful and even prosperous because it is able to maximize its effectiveness. Prosperous leaders articulate clear personal and business missions. They develop and nurture a high level of trust with and a

5 Ways to Work Less, Accomplish More, and Have a Better Life

5 Ways to Work Less, Accomplish More, and Have a Better Life Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to get done? You spend eight, ten, maybe even twelve hours a day slaving away, yet when you do lay down at night you don’t feel like you’ve accomplished a fraction of what you should have for all your hard work. There are five things that some of the greatest achievers in the history of the world all knew, and it’s a pretty safe bet that, if you’re struggling with productivity, you aren’t doing any of them. As with most things, these are general guidelines and should always be tailored to your particular needs. However, the principles ar

3 Reasons Why Being an “A” Student May Prevent Your Success

3 Reasons Why Being an “A” Student May Prevent Your Success You worked hard all throughout school. You studied every night to make the honor list every semester. You attended college and continued your hard work earning a high GPA. In short you were a good student – an A student. But then something odd happened. You went to work in the real world, and one of the first things you notice is that your boss is probably not as smart as you. Chances are your boss was not as good at school as you were. In all likelihood, your boss probably scraped out of college with a GPA just high enough to qualify for a degree. In short your boss was probably a C student. And we all know that C students are just

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