Living a Life of Meaning - Pursuit of Happiness

Living a Life of Meaning - Pursuit of Happiness Work places have evolved a lot in the last one decade. Today organizations focus on developing leaders out of every employee to put them on fire. It’s not just the people at the top that matters today. Reed Hastings, co-founder Netflix, said in an interview that if you have 1,000 thoughtful people thinking about how to improve, you will make a lot more progress than if you have only 100. That’s going to happen only when you have an environment of happiness and motivation within the workplace. In fact your business won’t thrive unless you have motivated staff members. People often measure happiness with progress. They think if they are successf

Finding the Purpose and meaning of your life

Finding the Purpose and meaning of your life. It’s unfortunate to see scores of people living their life with no real purpose or aim. Their only objective is to live life for themselves. They are so self absorbed, that they become immune to their surroundings. That’s the reason why many people even after reaching success beyond their wildest dreams, still have an empty feeling, as if there is something missing from their life. Every individual is different, yet there are common threads that bind a life with purpose. People whose lives are driven with purpose have some core beliefs and values that influence their decisions and help shape their day-to-day actions. They also determine their sho

What makes a good boss?

What makes a good boss? Many of us can recall at least one person in our life who really made a difference in our lives. The same goes with bosses. There are bosses who are known for teaching, mentoring, guiding and helping their people grow in their career. Then there are also bosses who are seen as self-centered, known for making life miserable of people around them. Researchers have shown that most of the traits we associate with bad bosses make up to less than 20% of bad bosses. Moreover what makes bad bosses is not about horrible things they do to their employees but about positive leadership activities they fail to do. As a boss if you are not liked by your employees, it’s not exactly

Delegation and Team Work

Delegation and Team Work Successful leaders know that to build a viable and thriving enterprise or to further their vision, they need help of others. It’s not surprising to see many entrepreneurs and organization leaders find themselves stuck when it comes to delegation of tasks to their team members. That’s because they fall into the rut of trying to do everything themselves even as their business grows. The most common complaint they have is that – it’s difficult to find right talent willing to take on the responsibility or it’s a hard job to train people with all the fine details. Instead they find it much easier to do it themselves. Employees on the other hand have complaints that their

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