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Living a Life of Meaning - Pursuit of Happiness

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Living a Life of Meaning - Pursuit of Happiness

Work places have evolved a lot in the last one decade. Today organizations focus on developing leaders out of every employee to put them on fire. It’s not just the people at the top that matters today. Reed Hastings, co-founder Netflix, said in an interview that if you have 1,000 thoughtful people thinking about how to improve, you will make a lot more progress than if you have only 100. That’s going to happen only when you have an environment of happiness and motivation within the workplace. In fact your business won’t thrive unless you have motivated staff members.

People often measure happiness with progress. They think if they are successful, they will be happy and if they become more successful, they will be even happier. Unfortunately that’s not how things work. Instead it works the other way round. This means to be successful you need to be happy. It is important for the organizations that their employees are happy. Positive and engaged workforce is the greatest asset a business can have.

Successful business involve group of motivated individuals who are happy to work towards a common goals. Managers and leaders will need to develop acumen that helps them understand different personality types to ensure working environment is both productive and cooperative. Most of the issues at the workplace are usually either due to poor communications or due to inability to get along. Team building games are powerful business tools that helps a business grow and also help mould their staff into a team.

Creating an environment of social support at work also helps employee reach their full potential. When employees engage in their work in ways that helps their colleagues learn new things, they find greater meaning in their work. Business leaders should create the kind of workforce that helps employees thrive. Here are some of the ways a leader can create happy work place.

  • Leaders can provide their staff with more opportunities for decision making discretions.

  • They should routinely share information about the organizations, its strategies and competitors.

  • Leaders should reinforce norms that promote civil and respectful behavior.

  • Leaders should also provide performance feedback related to what’s going on.

Building a workplace with above characteristic will make employees feel like they can grow, develop and thrive in their work. Leaders should educate their staff about ways to raise positivity in the workplace. Any efforts made to cultivate positive work environment will lead to greater happiness and success.

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