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Finding the Purpose and meaning of your life

Finding the Purpose and meaning of your life.

It’s unfortunate to see scores of people living their life with no real purpose or aim. Their only objective is to live life for themselves. They are so self absorbed, that they become immune to their surroundings. That’s the reason why many people even after reaching success beyond their wildest dreams, still have an empty feeling, as if there is something missing from their life. Every individual is different, yet there are common threads that bind a life with purpose.

People whose lives are driven with purpose have some core beliefs and values that influence their decisions and help shape their day-to-day actions. They also determine their short and long term priorities based on their beliefs and values. These people are often looked upon as people of high integrity since they place significant value on earning trust and respect of others.

Leading a life with values is a leadership philosophy that remains outside the purview of success measured in terms of prestige, power and personal wealth. It is about identifying what matters most to them, what they stand for and the values that drive their lives. Leading a life with values and a sense of purpose is even more important for leaders since it helps create and maintain a company’s culture, guides in hiring the employees with right values and providing specific direction for the company’s growth. If you are wondering why you should be finding the purpose of your life, here are some of the reasons.

Focus – When you have clearly identified your purpose of life, it allows you to focus more clearly on what matter most to you. One of the most valuable benefits people have realized while going through the purpose-process is the knowledge they gain in terms of where they should be investing their time, money, energy and their talents.

Passion – Many people get to know their true passion for life only when they have identified the purpose of their life. Their passion in this case becomes the fuel that propels them forward in realizing their life’s purpose.

Unstoppable – People living with clear purpose in their life become unstoppable. In fact the more they live true to their purpose shape up their lives. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they go through life like a bull, ramming anything thing that tries to come in their way. Instead they know that patience coupled with persistence goes a long way. However, people without clear purpose of life often find themselves stuck in life.

Fulfillment – People find their life a whole lot more fulfilling when they live their life with clear purpose and allows it shape their decisions, thoughts, feelings and their actions. People living with clear purpose in life realize that they are making a difference in the world by simply being in the world.

(Taken from The Prosperous Leader)

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