Five ways your body language is inadvertently offending people. (You probably don’t even realize you

There’s been a lot of talk these days about the importance of emotional intelligence and the need to be sensitive to others. But few people take this concept and apply it to body language. Yet the physical cues we provide to those around us tell whether we will engage them or turn them off. If you’re not careful, your body language may well result in unintentionally offending a friend, a boss, or a colleague. To ensure that you do not inadvertently slight people with your body language, avoid the following physical behaviors. 1. GLANCING AWAY Not looking at the other person–either when they’re talking or you are–is understandably seen as rude. You may think that a speaker in a meeting won’t

10 Brutal Truths Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs to Hear Right Now

At 21, I had just graduated college and started my first job. Today, I'm 43 and my career is in full swing. I've started five companies and been CEO of three of them. I've landed two consecutive companies on the Inc 500 list. I have experienced many successes and have weathered many failures. I have learned a lot. I'm still and always will be learning. Yet, there are a handful of truths that I've accumulated throughout the years that guide me. Whether you are starting your first business, your second, third or fourth, I hope you get as much out of these lessons as I have. These are the 10 things I wish I knew the day I started my first company: Time is more valuable than money. As an entrepr

Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Which Do You Need to Work On? (When Daniel Goleman and Richa

Esther is a well-liked manager of a small team. Kind and respectful, she is sensitive to the needs of others. She is a problem solver; she tends to see setbacks as opportunities. She’s always engaged and is a source of calm to her colleagues. Her manager feels lucky to have such an easy direct report to work with and often compliments Esther on her high levels of emotional intelligence, or EI. And Esther indeed counts EI as one of her strengths; she’s grateful for at least one thing she doesn’t have to work on as part of her leadership development. It’s strange, though — even with her positive outlook, Esther is starting to feel stuck in her career. She just hasn’t been able to demonstrate t

How The Prosperous Leader Began

Yes, my father had many mottoes. In looking back at his ideas, I’ve been able trace them back to some of history’s greatest philosophers and

6 Tips to Make You a More Assertive Communicator

Being assertive does not mean being a bully. It does mean you will be more a more effective communicator and, more importantly, avoid all the negative effects of being overly passive. Being too passive can cause a number of difficulties not least of which is increased stress. According to the Mayo Clinic “Assertiveness can help you control stress and anger and improve coping skills.[1]” This effect of overly passive communication often leads to failed negotiations, being forced to do work you don’t want to do (oftentimes outside your job description), and few leaders are overly passive communicators. So how do you become an assertive communicator, without turning into the office jerk? We hav

What is presence? How does it effect us and how does it show up?

WHAT IS PRESENCE? HOW DOES IT EFFECT HOW PEOPLE SEE US! We often speak of someone being "present" or of an organization being "a strong presence in our community". But how many times have you stopped to think about causal factors of a strong presence? What is it about that person or organization that makes their presence so powerful? Your presence can be defined as the energy that you project, the quality or feeling that you bring to a situation or space, through your being. Presence is all about how you "show up" to life on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. A presence is an energetic space created by a combination of who you are, at your essence and how aligned you

How To Hire So You Won't Have To Fire - (

I thought you'd like this article I wrote just published by How To Hire So You Won't Have To Fire - Forbes ​ Most leaders will tell you that hiring and retaining talent is one of the top three challenges today. As the economy has improved and unemployment has declined, the challenge has become greater. Another challenge is the millennial workforce. They are looking for empowerment, purpose and are not as committed to staying in one company for long. But I believe this actually gives leaders the opportunity to hire better and keep talent longer. Here are some suggestio

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