Transparency (and accountability) is the key to success.

David Siegel was the CEO of Investopedia for three years. As CEO, he realized that smart decisions are made based on data, and that the greatest reason for disagreement in organizations is the asymmetrical access to reports. So he instituted three steps to make sure employees had access to data detailing progress across the company: he distributed reports to everyone, held weekly metrics meetings, and let any employee join any email list. Alan Mulally, the former CEO of Boeing and Ford, tells a story about his first week as CEO of Ford that I never forgot. He asked every leader to share their top metrics and label each as green (on target), yellow (off target, plan in place) or red (off targ

Let's stop calling them soft skills

Are you good at your job? Different, easier question: Was Ty Cobb good at baseball? The apocryphal story is that Ty Cobb was a jerk. His teammates didn’t like him very much. But he’s still in the Hall of Fame. That’s because baseball keeps score… of hits, of runs and of catches. What about your job? It’s probably a bit more complex. There are linchpins, people who don’t shirk responsibility when the chips are down. And, among others, there are connectors, people with insights, folks who never seem to lose hope. Your company is staffed with people who can’t possibly be rated on a linear scale, because you’re not baseball players. You are managers and inventors and leaders and promise-makers a

Three Workplace Trends Every High Schooler Should Prepare For

When Malia Obama elected to take a gap year between graduating high school and attending Harvard University, the news made headlines across the nation. While her famous father was the principal reason the media took notice, her decision also sparked a broader conversation about the predetermined educational and career trajectories that high-achieving American students are expected to pursue. 3/21/17 Malia Obama is seen during her gap year on her way to work in New York City. photocredit: Star Max/IPx Ms. Obama represents an increasing number of high school students who are pursuing alternative opportunities in their educational paths. Availing themselves of an array of options – from gap ye

Decoding The Top Jobs For 2019

The skills shortage is not what you think it is. Most of the conversations around the skills gap focus on niche technical skills and roles - software engineers, data scientists, designers and similar jobs. While these hard skills and positions get all the attention, the real skills gap might surprise you. LinkedIn just released their 2018 LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report (you can find it here), including skills gap, emerging jobs, and jobs with the most growth. The skills gap data may not be what you're expecting. Soft skills, like oral communication, time management and leadership represent the most significant skills gap - making up roughly half of their list of top 10 skills with the largest

Are you an empathic listener?

Years ago, I came across a great book written by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish titled How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk. They explain how we can get our children to talk by being an empathic listener. Empathic listening includes reflecting back the emotions we hear. So if a child tells a parent, "I hate my teacher and my school," then the parent could say, "You sound angry or upset" or reflect back any other emotion that the child is expressing. This will show that the parent understands the child, and it encourages them to share their pain and frustration. In many organizations I've helped, I've found that communication, especially active and empathic listening, is

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