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Decoding The Top Jobs For 2019

The skills shortage is not what you think it is. Most of the conversations around the skills gap focus on niche technical skills and roles - software engineers, data scientists, designers and similar jobs. While these hard skills and positions get all the attention, the real skills gap might surprise you.

LinkedIn just released their 2018 LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report (you can find it here), including skills gap, emerging jobs, and jobs with the most growth.

The skills gap data may not be what you're expecting.

Soft skills, like oral communication, time management and leadership represent the most significant skills gap - making up roughly half of their list of top 10 skills with the largest skills gap.

Let's take a more in-depth look below.

-Oral Communication (Public Speaking, Communication, Presentation Skills)

-People Management (Teamwork, Supervisory Skills, Personnel Management)

-Development Tools (Java, C++, Linux)

-Social Media (Social Media, Digital Media, Social Media Measurement)

-Business Management (Management, Strategic Planning, Business Process Improvement)

-Time Management (Organization Skills, Time Management, Multitasking)

-Leadership (Organizational Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Leadership)

-Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, Illustration)

-Data Science (Data Analysis, Forecasting, Statistics)

-Web Development (HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The hard skills won't be surprising to anyone who recruits for those roles, but the soft skills gap is surprising to many. Many of these skills cut across disciplines and industries, so the need for them is both broad and deep. As you might expect, LinkedIn found members with these skills are hired at a faster rate than those without them.

LinkedIn hopes to help you narrow that gap with their LinkedIn Learning offerings.

Jobs With The Largest Hiring Growth:

LinkedIn's report also shed light on jobs with the most significant hiring growth. This list is based on roles that have seen a steady increase in U.S. hiring rates over the past four years. The four-year view helps identify jobs with ongoing high demand that are continuing to trend upwards.

  1. Software Engineer (Current Job Openings: 80,000+)

  2. Account Executive (Current Job Openings: 16,000+)

  3. Realtor (Current Job Openings: 2,000+)

  4. Account Manager (Current Job Openings: 17,000+)

  5. Recruiter (Current Job Openings: 8,000+)

  6. Project Manager (Current Job Openings: 42,000+)

  7. Marketing Specialist (Current Job Openings: 7,000+)

  8. Real Estate Agent (Current Job Openings: 6,000+)

  9. Product Manager (Current Job Openings: 12,000+)

  10. Data Scientist (Current Job Openings: 6,000+)

Some of the jobs you'd expect to see on a list of high-demand jobs - software engineers, product managers, account executives, marketing specialists. Others, like realtors, recruiters, and real estate agents are perhaps less expected, but a sign of a strong U.S. economy and growth.

Emerging Jobs for 2018

The four-year lens of these jobs highlights a vital component of those roles - stability. Most are well-known to be careers with consistent demand that will keep talent in those spaces employed for years to come. They're firmly rooted in "what's now?". What about "what's next?"

There is no shortage of press around emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain, but is the hype met with career opportunities? These are the roles that LinkedIn saw the most relative growth in 2018 based on U.S. members who've added these roles to their profile, as well as the multiple of growth the job saw YOY.

  1. Blockchain Developer (33X growth)

  2. Machine Learning Engineer (12X growth)

  3. Application Sales Executive (8X growth)

  4. Machine Learning Specialist (6X growth)

  5. Professional Medical Representative (6X growth)

  6. Relationship Consultant (5.5X growth)

  7. Data Science Specialist (5X growth)

  8. Assurance Staff (5X growth)

  9. Sales Development Representative (4X growth)

  10. Business Support Consultant (4X growth)

A closer look at 2018's Top 5 Emerging Jobs:


The blockchain developer growth multiple can likely be attributed to the nascent nature of the job. A LinkedIn job search for "blockchain" yields just over 4,000 results, where a similar search for "machine learning" yields over 40,000 results. We're still a few years away from understanding the staying power of Blockchain jobs, but early signs are promising.

Machine learning occupied the second and fourth slots on the list, a trend that will continue with the increasingly ubiquitous nature of artificial intelligence infiltrating most fields. Once limited to software, AI skills are showing up in a broad range of industries - with software and IT, Education, Hardware and Networking, Finance, and Manufacturing leading the way.

AI Skills Penetration Across Industries


Robots aren't coming to take your jobs...yet. But just to be sure, investing in these skills will help you future-proof your career and ensure your abilities keep pace with the employer's demand.

Lars is the Founder of Amplify, a growth catalyst for 21st Century HR. He's also the Co-Founder of HR Open Source ( He’s spent 20 years in HR and Recruiting building talent strategies for a broad range of companies and industries. Lars is a writer with regular colum...

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