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10 Leadership Styles that Cripple Your Culture

Many books have been written connecting culture and excellent service, including from the world famous DeJulius Group, Mercedes, Nordstrom, and Starbucks. But, there is an undeniable connection between what " “behind the counter” and what happens in front of the counter.

So, what’s the secret to great culture and outstanding customer experience?

The most important ingredient is LEADERSHIP.

But, let’s get clearer.

Not just leadership in general, but YOUR leadership.

Even more specific, it’s YOU.

There is, however, a problem.

We can see ourselves to a degree, but all of us have that space where we can’t see-The Blind Spot.

Stated differently, our perception and what we think of ourselves is usually different than what others think.

Below are 10 signs that it is, in fact, YOU who might be holding your organization back from amazing culture and outstanding service.

10 Leadership Styles that Cripple Your Culture

1. Dominating Effect

SIGN: You are the only one who talks at meetings.

PRINCIPLE: Cultural excellence is directly tied to engagement.

FIX: Make it your goal to have each person in the meeting say something.

2. Control Effect

SIGN: Nobody ever tells you “no” or challenges what you say.

PRINCIPLE: Cultural excellence is increased with shared ownership.

FIX: End everything you say with, “What do you think?”, and then listen.