The Seventh Commandment Of Highly Effective Leadership: Be A Thoughtful Negotiator

Jacob M. Engel Author and CEO of The Prosperous Leader. I help CEOs and their organizations prosper. One of my first lessons in negotiation happened when our company was informed by our local branch manager that they had decided to exit the banking business, and we would need to find another bank. It came out of the blue, as we were a very profitable, growing business and couldn't understand why the bank was dumping us. When we asked the branch manager whom we could talk to, he said no one, as it was a done decision. I was tasked with finding a new bank. I decided, however, to first ascertain what we could have done in the current banking relationship that we didn't do, so that in the next r

The Sixth Commandment Of Highly Effective Leadership: Be An Effective Listener

In his best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey states that most effective communicators are great listeners. Often, we listen with the intent to reply, when we should really listen with the intent to understand. The most effective listeners are empathic listeners. Empathic listening means not only listening and repeating back what you heard but also repeating back any emotions you heard. For example, say your child comes home from school and says, "I hate my teacher." A parent's normal (yet unempathetic) reaction might be, "Don't say things like that about your teacher," or "What did you do wrong?" A better reaction would be, "You sound upset. Tell me what's

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