CEOs Need Mentors Too

CEOs Need Mentors Too In 2010, when David Nish was promoted from CFO to CEO at Standard Life, he knew the scale of the challenge his company faced. The 185-year-old giant had just embarked on a sweeping transformation from an insurer to a long-term savings and investment company. Nish also knew that as the person leading the change, he would be tested by decisions and management situations he hadn’t encountered in the past. Certain that he could benefit from the perspective of someone who had been down similar roads before, Nish turned to a somewhat unusual adviser: Niall FitzGerald, a former chairman of Unilever. The mentoring relationship they

7 Habits of highly respected leaders.

YOUR TECHNICAL SKILLS MIGHT GET YOU A PROMOTION, BUT IT'S YOUR PEOPLE SKILLS THAT WILL EARN YOU THE RESPECT OF YOUR EMPLOYEES. A title, position, and corner office may earn them extra pay and benefits, but respect is something that does not automatically come with a leadership position. This has to be earned and is one of the most difficult entities for a leader to acquire. Respected leaders are not always liked by everyone and not always popular. A leader may be well liked as a person, yet be weak and afraid to make difficult decisions, shows favoritism to those who stroke his/her ego, and be quite ineffective. On the other hand, there are leaders who intimidate their subordinates and use f

A Way to Assess and Prioritize Your Change Efforts

JULY 09, 2015 ​ Change is the status quo. Companies the world over realize that success depends on their ability to respond to new opportunities and threats as they emerge, and to keep rethinking their strategies, structures, and tactics to gain ephemeral competitive advantages. As a result, change initiatives have become more complex than ever before, cutting across divisions and functions rather than staying confined to silos. They are global too, often extending across borders to several nations with different cultures. Companies must set up and oversee change initiatives more systematically than they used to if they want to succeed. They must periodically evaluate projects against each o

4 Ways Your Brain Is Holding You Back

4 WAYS YOUR BRAIN IS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM IMPOSTER SYNDROME TO DESIGN FIXATION, HERE ARE THE WAYS YOUR BRAIN WORKS AGAINST YOU AND HOW YOU CAN OUTSMART IT. BY NATASHA BURTON You may not realize it, but your brain is working against you. Think about it: How many times have you tried to focus in a meeting, only to succumb to a burning desire to check your Instagram? Or how about the time you were told to come up with 10 new ideas—and found you couldn’t even brainstorm one? Turns out there are a slew of psychological tendencies that can get in your way at work, affect your productivity, and even hurt your rise through the corporate ranks. And as much as you may believe you’re the master of you

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