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Adult ADHD Can HELP Your Business Grow!

In Chapter 8: Attention Disorders, The Creative Side of Business, I discuss many successful names in the business world who have ADHD or ADD, and why these often negatively viewed side effects can actually be a positive business characteristic. In this article from, the symptoms of adult ADHD are presented in a clear-cut way to help determine if you may be undiagnosed, since adults don’t show to typical signs like children do:

  • Do you have trouble with relationships?

  • Are you a smoker? 40% of adults with ADHD (even undiagnosed) are smokers.

  • Did you have academic problems as a child?

  • Are you a procrastinator? Easily distracted? Disorganized?

Do you have trouble with day-to-day planning?

  • Do you find yourself seeking thrills such as fast driving or gambling?

  • Are you continually losing items?

  • Do you have trouble no matter what your job? Does repetition of any sort bother you? Do you have trouble completing tasks?

  • Are you quick to anger?

  • Are you impulsive in nature?

Many business owners or entrepreneurs with ADHD hire personal assistants to help them accomplish simple tasks that threaten to get in the way of their success. If you are concerned that you or an employee may have ADHD, please visit or speak to a healthcare provider for more information.

Please see Chapter 8 of The Prospers Leader for more information on how to successfully manage an employee with ADHD.

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