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Psychologists say parents should do these 21 things to raise a more confident child (student, employ

Excellent article how to teach children to be emotional healthy and intelligent It will help them be a more confident child, student, employee and boss. Give them this gift and you will have given them the greatest gift for life! (Jacob M Engel)

Encouraging your kids to try something different could help boost their confidence.

  • One of the most important parts of parenting is showing a child how to be confident.

  • But you may be confused as to how to raise a child who has high self-esteem.

  • It starts with complimenting their efforts, talking openly about their emotions, and letting them know it's okay to make mistakes.

Confidence is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child.

Carl Pickhardt, a psychologist and author of 15 parenting books, told Business Insider that a kid who lacks confidence will be reluctant to try new or challenging things because they're scared of failing or disappointing others.

This can end up holding them back later in life and prevent them from having a successful career.

"The enemies of confidence are discouragement and fear," he told Business Insider.

Luckily, confidence is something you can encourage even in a child's earliest years. With "emotional coaching," Terri Apter, psychologist and author of seven books on family, wrote that parents can raise children who are comfortable with solving problems, managing their emotions, and socializing.

Here are 21 more tips for raising a confident child, from Pickhardt, Apter, and other child psychologists.