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E-mail Delegation

[image from HBR]

One of the recent articles I loved from The Harvard Business Review was entitled “How To Delegate E-mails to Your Assistant”, and struck close to home. As a current user and advocate for Virtual Executive Assistants, or VEA’s, I enjoyed reading this article on e-mail delegation.

The company I use for my VEA, eaHELP, heavily promotes the fact that there is simply not enough time in the day for a businessperson to get through all the tasks that are required of them. Having a VEA allows me the time to focus on what’s really important for my business, book, and personal life.

Alexandra Samuel of the HBR mentions, “the biggest challenge in getting email support is making the mental shift away from thinking of email as an area of responsibility that is yours and yours alone.” It’s so true, but unfortunately, something we learn much too slowly as entrepreneurs who love to take on more then we have time for!

Access the Harvard Business Review article I'm talking about HERE

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