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6 Tips to Make You a More Assertive Communicator

Being assertive does not mean being a bully.

It does mean you will be more a more effective communicator and, more importantly, avoid all the negative effects of being overly passive.

Being too passive can cause a number of difficulties not least of which is increased stress.

According to the Mayo Clinic “Assertiveness can help you control stress and anger and improve coping skills.[1]”

This effect of overly passive communication often leads to failed negotiations, being forced to do work you don’t want to do (oftentimes outside your job description), and few leaders are overly passive communicators.

So how do you become an assertive communicator, without turning into the office jerk?

We have six tips to help you be more assertive, without going over the top.

“I” Vs. “You”

Assertive people are comfortable saying how they feel or think.

I feel…or I think…

Aggressive people use more often, you.

So, lets say your boss is asking (forcing) you to do work outside your job responsibilities. You can be aggressive and say “You’re giving me way too much to do”.

Or you can say, “I feel this is beyond my responsibilities” or that “I have too much on my plate”.

The Proper Use of Eye Contact