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10 Lessons For Every Leader


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An article I recently enjoyed reading from The Huffington Post, shares 10 Leadership Lessons from US Brigadier General John E. Michel. He is the Commanding General, NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan; NATO Training Mission/Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan; and Commander, 438th Air Expeditionary Wing, Kabul, Afghanistan. With a title like that, I was not surprised to learn one of his passions is to help others find the best version of themselves, which he addresses in his book, Mediocre Me.

His leadership lessons can be translated very easily to the business world and I relate incredibly well to the information I provide my readers in The Prosperous Leader. Below you can find 10 of the most important leadership lessons:

  1. Be a strong leader

  2. Co-create and collaborate with individuals

  3. Include stakeholders throughout the process

  4. The customer i