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Leadership Lessons for Every Entrepreneur from Pope Francis

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Minda Zetlin recently had an article published on entitled “Why Pope Francis Is So Effective: 8 Lessons for Every Leader”. The article is based on a new book by Jeffrey A. Krames, Lead with Humility: 12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis. In his book, Krames examines Pope Francis’ approach from a leadership perspective and provides us with “lessons” we can learn from and utilize in our business approach.

Jeffrey is my co-author in The Prosperous Leader.

Below are 8 of those very important lessons:

  • Reach out to non-customers. Peter Drucker famously noted that every organization has more non-customers than customers, and that you can learn more from the people who aren't buying your product than from those who are.

  • Embrace risk. You can't be an effective leader if you're always playing it safe, he adds. "Living on the frontier is something the pope has to do every day."

  • Reinvent your organization. “[The best leaders] do not fear change--they know when changing a few things is not enough. They reinvent their organizations in an ever-changing global marketplace."

  • Be patient. "Authentic change doesn't take weeks or months, it takes years," Krames says.

  • Get in the field. “Delegating is a necessary part of leadership, but don't hand off all contact with lower-level employees or customers. Otherwise, you may find yourself isolated and out of touch.”

  • Listen to diverse voices. Listening skills are paramount to leadership.

  • Put the organization's goals above your own. Authentic leaders put the organizations goals before their own.

  • Lead by example. “Walk the talk and talk the walk”.

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