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How To Manage Work Culture During a Pivot

Pivot is a word that has become incredibly popular in startups and changing businesses. The definition of a pivot (v.) according to the Merriam-Webster diction is “the action of turning around a point; the action of pivoting”. It stands to reason that a business would be a multitude of things during a ‘pivot’ of the company: confused, turned upside down, stressed, fearful of change (and these descriptors are just a start!).

Curt Hanke shares some tips on How To Manage Culture During a Pivot:

  • Be Aware. “The senior leaders most often advocating and defining the pivot are often the least aware of the implications of the pivot on their people,” he continues on to suggest “start by considering the pivot not just from the perspective of the bottom line, but also through the eyes of the people on the front line”.

  • Be Honest. “Not all pivots are equal. Some are truly incremental shifts, but others have more significant implications on the business as a whole”.

  • Be Proactive. “Effective leaders play offense--it's that simple. Failure to effectively transition the organization during a pivot can lead to not just a distraction, but also an actual disruption in performance--thereby undermining the very intentions of the pivot in the first place”.

If you still find yourself searching for a little more direction for some upcoming changes in your business, or need help implementing them, see Chapter 1 of The Prosperous Leader: Know Yourself to Lead Others.

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