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5 Warning Signs that You Are in Danger of Becoming a Complacent Leader

With complacency becoming the new normal, leadership is in danger. Odds are, if you’ve found your way to my blog, you are looking to save this very thing: leadership, from extinction. According to Glenn Llopis, a contributor at Forbes, in his article The Dangers of Complacent Leadership, you must possess “mental toughness, stamina, and patience” in order to be a leader today. In my book, The Prosperous Leader, I expand upon these notions to say a prosperous leader should:

  • Be open and honest in all communications,

  • Have a sense of purpose, not only in business, but in ones life, and

  • Possess the staying power and endurance to make their business successful.

Llopis continues in his article to explain “a few of the early warming signs you can look for to avoid the dangers of complacent leadership”:

  1. Fear Settles In - The more complacent you are as a leader, the more unpredictable the environment becomes and your ability to control and lead in it.

  2. Attention to Detail Fades - The devil is in the details. Don’t allow them to escape by becoming a complacent leader.

  3. Tension Unknowingly Begins to Mount - Leaders are always in the spotlight and collectively everyone is watching everything they say and do. Don’t allow complacency to disrupt your momentum.

  4. Reactive Thinking - Complacency can cloud a leader’s thinking – making it more likely for them to miss a potential opportunity.

  5. Stop Leading - Complacency can mark the end of a leader’s reign when people stop valuing and respecting their authority.

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