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Do Introverted People Make Good Leaders?

Do Introverted People Make Good Leaders?

Recent studies have shown that the majority of people in management or leadership roles have extroverted traits or qualities, this probably won’t come as a shock to you, but does that mean that introverts should be completely ruled out for suitable managerial positions? I think not. There are many qualities that an introvert has that can be extremely beneficial and they can grasp other ideas that loud and proud extroverts might not perceive.

Although the majority of leaders in their fields are extroverted, some of the true greats have really been introverted people. Bill gates, the most successful entrepreneur of all time, he is an introvert and likes to keep to himself, more of the most successful introverts include Albert Einstein, JK Rowling and Warren Buffett to name a few..

Introverted people are generally fantastic listeners which will truly help them understand the needs and problems a business may have, they can successfully hear what people are saying and apply that to their actions in a beneficial way. Introverts also enjoy being solitary which gives them great chances of reflecting, planning and creating clear goals in an undisturbed atmosphere. They are able to unleash the full powers of the human mind when on their own..

Introverts will think things through before they take actions or speak, this means that they are on top of everything they do. They dedicate time to thinking about their objectives and play through possible outcomes which allows them to present finely tuned work and presentations. The extroverted person who doesn’t care what other people think, might not put as much preparation thought into things like this.

People who are introverted spend lots of their time thinking, and they like to challenge themselves mentally where they can, this is a great leadership trait to actually want and to seek out challenge and embrace it with open arms, while also dedicating their time to fully complete the task.

While on paper it may seem that extroverts are the go to choice for a business leader that simply isn’t the case, an introverted person can make just as good a leader if not better than an extroverted person.

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