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Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership

In theory, ethical leadership revolves around being aware of your core values, those which make you - you, and having the much needed bravery, audacity and determination to live out these values in each and every part of your life - all in the service and benefit of the common good.

Wondering about yourself? Ask your self the following questions; Are you the same person both at work and at home? When socializing with other people in general? When you encounter pressure, when burden and tension show off as stress or fear - will you do what needs to be done in order to live out your true values or will you submit emotionally?

You need to understand your individual core values, using vision to frame your actions, especially while servicing others. Use your voice in an authoritative and credible way in order to motivate others to take action.

You also need to understand that you become what you practice, so learn virtue by practicing virtuous performance and attitude - to seek and do what is right and good. Virtue equals to common good.

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