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The world is brimming with leadership tips and techniques for you to consider. Some days, it seems like everyone who has spent more than a week in a professional setting has proclaimed themselves experts on leadership. In other words, there's plenty of information out there. The issue is figuring out how much of it is worth considering.

The leadership tips really share a handful of characteristics. If you encounter guidance that measures up to these standards, it's definitely worth taking the tips seriously.

Examine the root word "Lead" carefully.

L: Learning all the information possible from great books, live seminars, cd recordings and personal interaction with other positive attitude, forward-thinking successful people.

E: Examine your own internal thoughts, beliefs, words and actions. Are you allowing old negative programming to hold you back from achieving all of your dreams and goals?

A: Achieve all of your goals by focusing your energy on the target. When you focus on a goal and direct all of your activity toward that one specific objective for as long as it takes to accomplish it, your success is guaranteed.

D: Delegate just enough responsibility to your team members or followers to develop their potential to achieve their own goals and lead others.

When you learn, do a comprehensive internal self-examination, and focus on achieving all of your own goals, you now have a path in place to guide others to duplicate you're achievements. You cannot guide someone else to accomplish things you have not achieved. There is as lack of credibility when you tell others how to do something you have never done. There is never a long line to ask the advice of the person at the bottom of the success ladder.

First achieve the goals and then provide the system for others to duplicate your results. The old saying of "fake it until you make it" just does not have credibility. So you ask, what to do until you do have proven results of your own. Edify your boss or your supervisor or your coach and mentor. Point to their success until you have success of your own. Always, always be honest. Do not claim to have positive results until you do.

Learn to celebrate every little victory. Record each small victory in a journal and celebrate each one. These small accomplishments will grow into bigger achievements. Your experience learning and growing will actually assist you in effective leadership. People relate to you and your challenges as they progress through their own challenges. Being honest about your leadership journey also adds to your credibility. None of the great leaders that we reference today started at the top. Read their stories; they faced challenges and setbacks as well as victories on our way to personal leadership.

I do not believe there is or ever has been one effective leader who has not "paid his or her dues." Every one of them has examined themselves and their leadership thoughts many times. They examined and re-examined their leadership styles. They evaluated their personal leadership and their leadership skills over and over. They made adjustments and adjusted the adjustments.

Only after walking the path ourselves were they able to direct someone else through the same system to reach their own personal success. First they made the journey through the success minefield; then, they were qualified to guide others through that minefield to their own personal success.

Even now, after they have achieved their goals, effective leadership demands a constant process of adjusting to modern innovations. Business success, nor leadership stands still. Each one remains a moving target. In order to effectively delegate these skills and techniques, we must continue to focus and keep our own leadership skills sharp.

Learn, examine, achieve and delegate. You must follow each and every step in order and then keep repeating the cycle. Leadership is constantly evolving and the best and more effective leaders never take themselves or their followers for granted. Effective leadership skills are a precious commodity. Delegate them to others and the world will constantly improve. Effective leadership is a privilege, an honor and a responsibility.


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