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The importance of living a balanced life

The importance of living a balanced life

One of America’s wealthiest people, Warren Buffet is famously followed for his investment views and strategies. He once said, the most important investment you can make is in yourself. Only very few people are able to make good use of their true potential.

Not many people realize that they are their best asset and it is critical to maintain the right balance between the following four dimensions of their asset – they themselves. These dimensions are the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional dimension. If you lose control in any of these areas, it will severely impact all aspects of your life and everything you have planned to see in your life will fall apart.

Prosperous leaders ensure these four dimensions of their life are in control not just in their lives but also in the organizations they serve or run. Physical dimension relates to body and emphasizes on eating right food, exercising regularly and getting enough rest. Similarly in relation to an organization this would mean the financial health of an organization. Positive cash-flow and good profit margins are the indicators of good health of a company.

The second dimension that plays crucial role in maintaining a balanced life is the spiritual aspect. From an organization’s perspective it is their missions and values that drives the organization and establishes its purposes. It indicates the values that are important to an individual or an organization or what it does stands for.

The third dimension is the mental aspects. As an individual it means how you really strike a balance to create an opportunity to constantly learn and upgrade your skill sets. Prosperous leaders can be seen investing their time in not only developing their own knowledge level to bring new perspective to the table, but they also ensure their employees are constantly surrounded by enough opportunities to develop their talents. Their motto is - if their people are successful, means they are successful.

The fourth dimension which is about social and emotion is about having a culture of trust. Prosperous leaders are seen as trustworthy and reliable individuals. People around them know that they can count on them. Prosperous leaders also know the importance of communicating effectively and team work. Most importantly they believe in leading by examples and strive to establish a culture of trust and values in their organizations.

Trust is the building block of developing great relationship. Trust is not something that can be built overnight. You earn it bit by bit and it takes time. Individuals and organizations alike can achieve much by establishing a culture of trust than without it. (Taken from The Prosperous Leader)

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