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Can organizations reinvent themselves?

How to go from failure to prosperity in 3 steps.

-The 3 step process I use to help business owners go from failure to prosperity.

My mentor and author Roy Cammarano has a simple but very powerful graph called the 6C’s of communications.

On one side is Conflict and Competition which says that the organization is failing and will continue to fail unless corrected.

The next level up is Communication and Compliance which equals success. Though people are not necessarily aligned or on the same page.

The most effective level is where there is Collaboration and Cooperation as that equals Prosperity.

My first step is to interview the business owner and the top managers to see at what level they’re at. Usually, by the time we get called in there is significant conflict and competing interests that are hurting the company morale.

Some symptoms are good people leaving, or people not talking to each other, blaming and finger pointing. Many times until I interview them, they haven’t shared their frustrations but once you allow people to speak and vent, they will open up.

The next step is to get the communications lines open and to start to ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of mission and vision, roles and goals, etc. and to have a systematic approach to processes. Some great ideas are weekly meetings, sharing big rocks and priorities, tracking the action plan, etc.

The third step is to get synergies between departments and key players, which requires transparency and accountability. This requires training, so that everyone understands the expectations and we clarify the desired results, guidelines, resources and consequences (both good and bad).

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