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Ranking the Briggs-Myers Personality Types By Who's the Most Addicted to Taking Risks

Hands up if you read this title and immediately answered, "ESTP!" I know I did. These types are renowned for being high-adrenaline risk takers who live life in the fast lane. If there is a type that's the most likely to zoom down the face of an active volcano on a plank of reinforced plywood, it's surely the ESTP.

So, imagine my surprise when I did some digging and decided that, when it comes to risk-taking, ESTPs are outgunned by a couple of other personality types. They may be reckless, but these guys are cowards when it comes to taking risks consistently and living their entire lives outside the comfort zone.

Intrigued? Here's what's going on....


What does taking risks mean, anyway?

It's easy to associate risk with putting yourself in extreme physical hazard, like heli-skiing or big wave surfing but, actually, risks are of different types and happen in different situations. Some risks you might not even recognize as such because they are part of our everyday lives. For example:

Stepping outside your comfort zone and becoming more courageous in your choices is taking a risk because there's a hint of failure attached to the idea. Some people have an insatiable curiosity to try different things, from eating in a new restaurant to switching jobs every couple of years. Others avoid novelty as much as possible and prefer routine.

Choosing one opportunity over another is taking a risk because you're putting your faith in a single outcome. By deciding to commit your time and energy to one opportunity, you risk missing a better opportunity and getting uncertain results.

Taking the road less travelled is taking a risk because not everyone will appreciate the value of your choices. When you follow your own path, you stop people-pleasing. Some people may not handle that you're operating on your own terms and you risk closing the door on certain relationships.

Doing anything that could lead to perilous results is definitely taking a risk, and most of us will do this only if the results are worth the risk. We all have different levels of analysis, though, such that one person's calculated risk is another person's foolish one.