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Google Says the Best Bosses in the World Do These 10 Things: If your company can train and promote m

A company could spend all the money it wants recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the best people around.

But if the boss is a jerk, those people will leave the first chance they get.

In contrast, if you have great managers and team leads, not only will you get the best out of your people--they'll be more likely to stick around.

For over 10 years, Google has conducted research under the code name "Project Oxygen." Their goal? Figuring out what makes the perfect manager, so they could train their leaders to develop those behaviors. The research has paid off, as over the years Google has seen marked improvement in employee turnover, satisfaction, and performance.

Interestingly, technical skill mattered much less than you might guess. What was far more important were a manager's emotional intelligence skills, their ability to understand and manage emotions (both their own and those of their people).

Check out the 10 behaviors that make up the perfect boss, according to Google:

1. Is a good coach

Rather than solve every problem as soon as it arises, the best managers use problems as teaching moments.

They guide their teams and share insights when needed. This allows their team to gain valuable experience and grow.