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Why we don't do what we said we will do?

In my advanced leadership course, we conclude by having each participant share their greatest challenges to success and how we can help them achieve it.

In most cases (if not all), the greatest challenge people have is, it's stepping out of their comfort zone. Often times, it's clouded by different emotional or inborn resistance. As one CEO shared with us that why she wasn't holding her senior manager accountable was because "he could be my father". Or, another one shared that he's been challenged by not following through from as long as he can remember and if he couldn't change by now he doesn't see how he could change. Or, another complained that he just can't get up in the morning (usually going to sleep very late) and by the time he gets into the office, he missed a lot.

They all believe that they're stuck with their problem (aka comfort zone).

What is it about comfort zones that hold us back and how do we overcome this challenge?

I came across the concept of comfort zones while studying David Sandler's sales training and why it holds people back from purchasing or signing up for things that they know are beneficial, yet they keep on trying the "old" way.

Ironically, it helped me understand why companies and business owners will share with me many of their critical issues and significant struggles yet they will procrastinate with all kinds of excuses as to why they won't do anything about it.

As Einstein supposedly said, what is the definition of insanity? it's doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

One CEO called me up that they can't find employees. Most of the time they come then leave for various reasons. Her conclusion was that employees are just not reliable and nothing she will do all change that fact. What I tried to share was that most companies do the same mistake, they hire for skills and fire for attitude; Instead, hire for attitude and train for skills!

According to a recent linkedin article, there are 4 zones that we must be aware of:

The first is the Comfort Zone: It's where we feel the most comfortable and it's hard to step out. Next it goes into the Fear Zone and all those excuses that we will find that will hold us back. Often times it's just a F.E.A.R. (False evidence that appears real)!

There is a famous saying that success is always on the other side of our fears.

We must consciously be willing to face our fears and learn new tools and how to extend ourselves with new skills.

After facing and conquering our fears and learning new tools we can then set ourselves (BAG's) Big Audacious Goals and find our purpose and live our greatest dreams.

Remember that Covey wrote his book at age 50, Sikorsky started to build helicopters at age 60.

It's never too late to start living your dream!

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