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Do You Have the Personality Trait That Predicts Entrepreneurial Success?

In a past blog post, I had discussed Making the Most of the Mindset You’re Given. Recently, I came across another article about the same topic, but presented in a way that directly links Entrepreneurial Success to having a Proactive Personality, or Growth Mindset. We already know that personality traits are predictive of the level of success in many areas, but this article expands upon that notion to simply state “the more reactive you are, the less success you will find as an entrepreneur”.

Because of the belief that individuals with a strong proactive personality have that they can create their own environment, they are more likely to engage in intentional actions to alter their situations. They believe that they can control the outcome. In his article, David Van Rooy explains, Proactive Personality leaders typically:

  • Are biased towards action: They do not wait for events to unfold; proactive personality leaders take charge and make things happen.

  • Find and solve problems: These individuals seek our problems and make it their goal to solve them. They are constantly thinking about growth (hence the growth mindset comparison).

  • Take personal responsibility: With a strong understanding that outcomes are under their control, they take responsibility seriously and do not put it on others often.

  • Persevere until they reach their goals. Perseverance is very strong in the mind of a Proactive Personality.

  • Are not afraid of change. Proactive Personalities not only accept change, but also embrace it.

  • Look for self-improvement opportunities. Striving to find success, whether business related or personal, is a huge part of the Proactive Personality.

For more information you can read Part 1 of The Prosperous Leader: Finding Your Strengths and Weaknesses. CLICK HERE to order directly from the author NOW! [Book available to general public February 2015]

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