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How to motivate and inspire yourself and others.

It comes without doubt that a good leader should be able to motivate the people that work for them. If you want to be a successful team leader, you need to make your employees not only work for you, but want to work for you. You need to convey your message and turn your passion into their passion.

This remarkable quality is what makes an ordinary man into a great leader. Confidence and the ability to inspire is what will draw people to you and what will make you an attractive and trusted employer. You can call it charisma or simply – the ability to motivate and inspire yourself and the others around you.

To motivate your people, be a visionary – share your idea and spread your passion, make them feel part of the big picture. If you make someone feel like they’re contributing to something important, they are far more likely to feel inspired and put all of their efforts into achieving the goal.

To be an inspiration, you should also be a part of the work. You can’t ask someone to do something you’re not willing to do. Show your employees you’re ready to share the work! More importantly, demonstrate that you’re passionate about your goal and you’re eager to do anything necessary to achieve that. When they see a motivated leader, who is ready to share the load, your employees would most definitely do their best to help you!

Inspiration is tightly linked to motivation but differs in several important aspect. Motivation is about what you can do to make people want what you want. Inspiration is about who you are. Be a role model for your employees. Be the change you want to inspire! Create a reputable character of yourself, someone your people could look up to and admire. If they like who they see, they are guaranteed to do the best they could possibly do. You can tell a personal story to build a connection between you and your employees. Show them who you are and show them you value them and consider them a crucial part of the work environment. Only when they feel truly appreciated by the person they admire and look up to, will your people be inspired to do their best for you.

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