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Prosperous Leaders = Prosperous Business

Prosperous Leaders = Prosperous Business

Have you ever thought about what makes a business prosperous?

Why are there companies in the same space, same market, same geography that are on the top of their game and why are there those that are failures?

Why are some employers, the place to work and why are some employees the people to hire and why are others a dysfunctional work environment and some employees toxic ?

Then again, some may have read business books or may even have gotten an MBA or went through the school of hard knocks, yet they fail?

In my book The Prosperous Leader I share something profound I learned from my mentor Roy Cammarano and it’s the 6 C’s of Communications-

When a company is faced with Conflict and Competition it will equal failure, if it creates rules of Compliance and Communication then it can be successful, if it creates a culture of Collaboration and Cooperation then it will prosper.

Conflict is when both management and leadership are pointing fingers and blaming each other. It’s almost a given, when I speak to leaders and managers that it’s someone else’s fault. It’s as if when you have someone to blame then you are excused from your company’s failures or poor performance.

In a great book, Extreme Ownership, written by 2 Navy Seals, they explain that the success of the Navy Seals is that everyone takes responsibility for the outcomes regardless whose fault it is.

If you as a Leader or Manager, are finger pointing and blaming, it’s failure!

Your failure!

Remember, when you point a finger at someone, three fingers point back at you.

Competition is when employees are fighting for recognition, competing for pieces of the business or jockeying for positions, these are different symptoms of competition.

Competition is also when the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing and people are not aligned in their mission or goals.

In many places they call it fiefdoms or silos…

Compliance and Communications=Success

I also call it, Transparency and Accountability.

When companies build these two very important ingredients into their day to day, it creates a very strong message about open and honest communications.

Transparent Communications is when everyone in the company knows the mission and vision or impact or why we do what we do.

Simon Sinek is his very famous TED talk (based on his book, start with the why) explains that all companies know what they do, some know how they do it but very few know why they do it. People will do business with people that share the same why. His example of Apple is very insightful.

Ask yourself-Why do you do what you do? And why should anyone care?

What impact do you want to have that will be meaningful for your employees, clients and all stakeholders?

Recently there has been a report that 180 plus leaders came together to share that impact