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5 Reasons You Need To Invest In Yourself As Much As Your Business

It’s easy to buy a new course, invest in a new piece of software or hire a VA. But for most entrepreneurs, it’s not so easy to eat the right things, move our bodies once a day or practice delegation so we don’t over fill our work plate.

Fern White BDS, a dental surgeon, certified high performance coach, and the CEO of two seven-figure businesses is committed to making sure every high performing entrepreneur is investing in themselves as much as their businesses. Why? Because the ROI is worth it.

Here are the five reasons Dr. Fern says we need to be investing in ourselves.

1. Investing In Yourself Has The Greatest ROI

Most people easily choose investing externallywhen it comes to business. They download a new piece of software or hire a social media manager to move their company forward.

“While investing externally might solve one or a few problems (like hours lost writing Instagram posts), investing internallysolves infinite problems. Investing “internally” means improving your mental acuity, for example, starting your day with a morning ritual that clears you mind, upgrading your physical performance by making time for regular breaks every 15 minutes through the day for movement and hydration or boosting your communication skills by practicing doing Facebook Lives more often,” says Dr. White.

Despite a perpetual rollercoaster of changes in any business or economic environment, investing internally means that you focus on the one constant in the company equation: You.

2. Your Business Is A Reflection Of You

You not only set the mission of your business, you also set the values and the tone of your business. If you are frantic and stressed, then these qualities will translate into the vibe of your company. However, if you are calm and collected, your business will mirror this.

“Whether you’re hiring, firing, setting expectations or creating boundaries, how you behave is reflected in your team culture. So, if there is drama or gossiping in the office, rather than externalize blame (“it’s because of this person”), ask yourself, ‘What did I do or not do to create this?’ What you ignore, you condone,” notes Dr. White.

Partnering with a business coach who holds you accountable, working with a therapist who can help you unravel triggers impacting you or investing in online courses around leadership can help. You’ll be able to be the example of what you want your team and business to be.

3. When You Grow, Your Business Grows